The Templeton handmade vegan burger, guacamole, vegan cheese, salsa, chilli jam, tortillas, lettuce & onion  £9.25

The Flameboy potato and chickpea fritter, coconut sauce, tamarind, fresh pineapple, chilli and red onion £9.25

The Happy Pumpkin double roasted pumpkin, chilli & smoked cashew burger, vegan mozzarella & cheddar, cherry smoked Sriracha, pickled beetroot & lettuce £9.25

The 50/50 smoked vegan pulled pork (jackfruit), GB bbq sauce & chilli slaw £9.25

The Fakie handmade vegan burger, halloumi, chilli jam, aioli, lettuce & onion £9.25

The Kickflip organic grass fed beef, Monterey Jack cheese, GB bbq sauce, lettuce, onion & pickle £9.50

The Bigflip double beef, triple cheese, GB bbq sauce, aioli, lettuce, onion & gherkin £12.50

The Caballero chilli-spiced organic beef, chorizo, caramelised onions, cream cheese, jalapeños, oregano & fresh thyme £9.75

The Five-O organic 18-hour smoked pulled pork, GB bbq sauce &  chilli slaw £9

The Burnquist grilled free-range chicken breast, cherry-smoked Sriracha chilli sauce, mature cheddar, lettuce, onion, smoked tomatoes & aioli £9.75

The Master of Disaster KickFlip vs The Five O … all in one burger £12.50

add a gluten free bun for an extra £1.75

HANDMADE SAUCES GB bbq sauce / cherry smoked ketchup / chilli jam / aioli / scotch bonnet chilli / cherry smoked Sriracha £0.50


Krooked Fries rough cut triple cooked chips, GB chips rub & a dipping sauce  £3.75 ( £2.75 w/ Burger)

Faceplant big bowl of salad greens, smoked tomatoes, olives, avocado, w/ chicken, pulled pork, halloumi or vegan bites  £9

Southern Boarders blue nachos w/ cheddar, fresh guacamole, GB tangy salsa & jalapeños  £7.50
w/ pulled pork  £10.50
vegan  £8
w/ vegan pulled pork  £10.50

Slam Fries skinny fries w/ cheddar & curds, choose smoked gravy or Beavertown Gamma gravy (v) £7.25
w/ pulled pork £10.25
vegan £7.75
w/ vegan pulled pork £10.25

Happy Pumpkin Bites double roasted pumpkin, chilli & smoked cashew balls with GB bbq sauce £6

Hawk Wings cherry smoked bbq wing pieces 6 for £5 / 12 for £9


One Thief Rocker whiskey thief bourbon ice cream floating on bourbon & cola  £7.75

The Muska raspberry & white chocolate waffle brownie w/ honeycomb ice cream £7.75